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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Warhammer Conversions - Chaos Armies

Let your imagination run wild in your Fantasy Battle miniature modeling.

I'm not a big Chaos fan really (except for maybe Beastmen which I'm thinking about collecting). Sometimes though I think I might be missing a trick.

My main armies are High Elves, Vampires and my custom designed Nautican army. None of these offers the same kind of imaginative customization that you can experiment with when putting a Chaos army together.

Daemons are the primary candidate for messing around with your bitz bag and things you find in old Tamiya, Airfix boxes, the garden shed or back of the sofa. Next up in the customizable are are probably Warriors of Chaos thanks to them being almost as twisted as their soul less masters :)

Anyway, I stumbled across some brilliant Chaos conversions on Xenite's Wordpress blog ("Little Green Monsters"). Xenite is going to end up with one awesome, very unique and beautifully modelled Chaos army.

(Xenite has kindly granted me permission to show his pics, see the original Chaos photos here).

Both chariots pulled by Chaos Spawn - just looking at the fellow below makes me wonder how he actually moves (without bumping the crew out of the chariot !) Check out the detail, like the taught chains - superb.

Chaos Manticore conversion

I have added Xenite's blog to the WFB Allies blogroll (which must have about 30 blogs on now). If you want your blog added just leave a post anywhere on one of my blogs. You'll need to update it fairly regularly with stuff my readers will be interested in and I'd be grateful if you linked back here and/or the Fantasy Battle Reporter blog.

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