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Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Best Warhammer Miniatures Ever!

Is Forgeworld the best Fantasy Battle "large" miniature maker on the planet ?!

massive Fire Dragon miniature picture
These guys make some truly inspiring miniatures, if you have the cash... don't hesitate !

I've long been an admirer of Forgeworld miniatures and I try to let everyone know on the Battle Reporter blog when they release a new model. I thought it might be worth showcasing some of their awesome Fantasy Battle miniatures to the uninitiated (ie. the people who have only seen GW models so far).

Let's face it, Games Workshop create some great miniatures and some very iconic ones that really bring out the spirit of Warhammer, think Archaom the Everchosen for example. Not only that but GW definitely make the finest plastic miniatures that I have ever encountered when it comes to detail, customization options and value for money. However, when it comes to the big beasts, the army centerpieces and the massive shock and awe miniatures, nobody beats Forgeworld and here's why...

Greater Nurgle Demon miniature image

Great Chaos Dragon 2 Headed Miniature image

Large Chaos Spawn miniature image

And just to give you an idea of the kind of scale we're talking about here, below is their giant miniature. The Fire Dragon at the top of the post is a whopping 8 inches (20cm) high and 13 inches (33cm) long (33 centimeters !!!). They are all of a similarly large size. In fact Forgeworld don't "do" small miniatures, the smallest you'll get is probably an Ogre Rhinox Rider. Rest assured though, they are all 28mm scale.

Massive Warhammer Giant Model form Forgeworld

These guys all come at a price but frankly, if you can spare the gold crowns, they're worth it, especially if you really want your army to stand out on the battlefield and stand apart from your friend's weedling forces :)

I think the Mammoth below is especially neat. It's effectively a HUGE Chaos War Shrine although another blogger/modeler named Tushan had something else it mind for the miniature (or should I call it a "massivature").

Tushan converted the model into an Ogre Kingdoms War Mammoth (or Mamut called "Stompfoot") bearing King Rustbeard (Greasus Goldtooth no less). He's given the beast a rider / controller (if that's possible) holding a necessarily very long halberd, there are some Gnoblar hangers-on and even a couple of leadbelchers thrown in for good measure ! Tushan has done an awesome job of it too. You can read about the model and it's very impressive Warhammer profile (unofficial)  in the :-

Bellower Warhammer (Ogre) Fanzine here (early 2010 edition) [Note: this link is a 33meg pdf]

Edit (28th Nov): new 8th edition profile courtesy of Randroid:-

Rustbeard & Stompfoot's profile updated for 8th edition rules [< 1meg pdf]

Forgeworld's Chaos War Mammoth

Chaos War Shrine Mammoth photo

Tushan's Mammut War Beast Conversion below (click for Tushan's website)

custom War Mammoth fantasy model picture

Fantasy Battle custom miniature pictures

Ogre Mammut Warhammer conversion image

See all of Forgeworld's Warhammer Fantasy Battle Monsters

Images except for converted Ogre Mammut are © Forgeworld. All rights reserved. Used without permission. Converted Mammut is © Bernd Barnstorf. All rights reserved. Used without permission.


  1. Thanks for the shout out to the Bellower! You can also find the rules here (they have been updated for 8th edition):