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Friday, 9 April 2010

Choosing a colour scheme to paint your Fantasy Battle Army

Just because Warriors of Chaos always seem to be black and red and High Elves always blue and white and Dark Elves always purple it doesn't mean your miniatures have to look the same.

Painting by Noeste from the Warhammer Fantasy Battle Reporter forum

I chose this army as a great example of a bold theme which can look quite striking on the battlefield and set your army apart from the norm.

These miniatures look good both up close and from a distance across the tabletop because of their consistent, uncomplicated appearance. If you're painting an army to game with then you're often better off keeping it simple because so much of the detail can get lost in the distance or maybe we can call it... the "fog of war" ;)

The Slaanesh worshippers look like they've traveled down from the Frozen Wastes through the Troll Country and are charging into battle with Kislevites on the frontiers of the northern Empire. The impression is also partly thanks to the model bases which can also tell a part of the story when it comes to your army theme.

I know I'm probably over emphasizing the theme of these miniatures but I'm just trying to get the point across that you can use whatever theme you like when painting your army - just use your imagination and have fun.

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Miniatures © Games Workshop 2010. All rights reserved. Used without permission. Models painted by Noeste

1 comment:

  1. I really like this scheme, almost monochromatic. It captures an eerie feel of the army, and it has been excecuted great! Whites are such a ^$#$ to paint, so cheers to you!