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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Awesome Chimera Miniature Release

This the second set of brilliant new fantasy models I have stumbled across in the past couple of days which are coming out in 2011 (Chaos Dwarf War Machines on the Battle Reporter blog). This Fantasy Chimera (or Chimaera) is from the Bane Beasts range - sculpted by D.Cockersell and painted by B.Komets.

Maelstrom Games are selling the miniature from the 8th Jan 2011.

Get a load of this... it's 15.3cm long and 13.4cm high ! It looks like the designers wanted something to take on Foregeworld's giant !

The model is actually named "The Terror of Fortriu, Chimaera" and you can find it on the Maelstrom Games website. Check out the close ups below (click to greatly enlarge the pictures) because the detail on the heads looks very intricate. I was about to say the lion's head in particular but the dragon and goat's head all look pretty cool too although I'm not sure the goat is going to do as much damage in battle as the other two !

I recognize the Bane Beasts Giant Cyclops and the 3-faced verminous horror but the Chimera and Ratman are both new to me, as is the Ox-Gore of the Darkwald which, I think, might pass for a Beastman Ghorgon. Actually, come to think of it the Cyclops would pass as a Cygor aswell.

I'm not sure what I'd use the Ratman for, I'm not a fan of the scurrying, flee bitten critters, so maybe just as shark bait for my Nautican Army :)

It looks like Bane Beasts are worth a look if you're after a large specific monster. They don't have a huge range and I cannot find a specific website for them but Maelstrom sell the models which is good enough for me (they're very reliable). The models might actually be produced by Maelstrom themselves.

fantasy battle monsters image

WFB cygor model

fantasy battle Ghorgon miniature

possible Skaven Lord / Chaos abomination model

Click images for a great zoom in. I particularly like the way the miniature's dimensions are shown in the bottom left box-out, lots of sellers don't bother and it's frustrating when you have no measurements and nothing to compare them with in size terms. Great miniatures, enough said !

All images are © Maelstrom Games. All rights reserved. Used without permission.


  1. Many thanks for pictures of the new banebeasts. Maelstrom does a very good job in sculpting gigantic models - espacially for those Games Workshop has no one for. (yes, Maggag and Angalaak are figures for Cygor and Ghorgon). I think Scar-Scath shoul be for the Rat Demon...


  2. You're welcome Anon, I'm pleased you like the miniatures. I wasn't sure whether Maelstrom made the models themselves or not so thanks very much for the confirmation.

    Happy New Year,