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Saturday, 21 August 2010

Miniature Painting Guide - VIDEOS

These tutorials are intended for Warhammer Fantasy Battle beginner painters but there are some intermediate painting and modeling techniques and some very good starter tips.

I found these videos on YouTube while contemplating how to overcome my "painter's block". There are 6 videos in all, they are quite succinct and delivered in a fairly professional manner by staff.

What I like about these videos is that they get straight to the point and hence all of the videos are quite short but manage to convey what you need to know in a no-nonsense fashion. The videos add up to about 18 minutes.

Intro - Warhammer Painting & Modeling Tools - what you need

Nice comparison between black and white primers. Personally, I'm not convinced you need a dremel though (a dremel is a rotating electric screwdriver-like tool for polishing / sanding). Fine sandpaper, a slightly abrasive cloth and quick hands should suffice.

1) Priming & Preparing Warhammer Miniatures - or any other models !

Good styrofoam priming tip. With regards to the priming - "don't try to go for full penetration right away" ;-) their words not mine !

2) Primer Buffing

Hmmm... I'm not totally convinced this is necessary. I have never done it in the past, although having said that my miniatures are not exactly master pieces. You should probably take their advice I guess and not mine.

3) Selecting Miniature Colours (or Colors if you prefer)

This tutorial contains a superb tip about using a designer's colour combinations book for selecting suitable colour schemes. I really like the idea, it saves having to trawl through your rulebook / White Dwarf back catalogue looking for something you like. A nice simple explanation of the differences between basic paints, primers, metallics and inks. Also, there's a nice tip about using the empty "primed" sprue to test out colour combinations.

4) The Painting Starts...

There's not much detail in this video just some very broad tips, it does however feature a pretty girl !

 Not to worry, I'll be searching out some more advanced painting technique videos and posting them up here soon. You'll find them all in the new "Painting Tips" section.

5) Highlighting Your Miniatures & Using Inks

I almost missed this video, I wondered why the last one finished so abruptly ! Again, there's not that much detail which is a shame because they got off to a great start. I'll find some lengthier painting skills videos and get them online soon. At least this series got the ball rolling (as far as I'm concerned).

I hope you found them useful, I did and I think it's given me the kick start I needed.


  1. Thanks for posting these, they're quite handy for everyone I reckon, never hurts to learn new ideas or reinforce older ones! :)