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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Miniature Photography "Light Box" - quick, easy and cheap !

Warhammer Fantasy model photography can be a tricky skill to master.

I speak from experience, shining several lights on the same miniature to try to cancel out the shadow effect. I got so frustrated I try to only take miniature photos outside during bright days. So, I was very pleased to stumble across a very easy and simple to make lightbox on the Corvus' miniatures blog.

I contacted Corvus and he's kindly granted me permission to reproduce some of his post here.

If you want to get your miniature photos to look like this...

Then do this...

"So I used a cardboard box, cut out one side and the top and the bottom, and used some tape to cover it with aluminum foil. I also put some foil on the floor of the small studio. It's easy to fold up and store flat somewhere.

Since I have only one light, I positioned it right in front of the mini. On the picture you can also see my tripod, which doesn't have a camera on it obviously:"  (Corvus Miniatures)

Note (Sigmar): use the Matt side of the foil (not the shiny side).

Corvus has kindly also put some of the backdrops online (like the ones he used for the above Chaos Marauder looking model) :- Lightbox backdrops (5 cloud coloured .jpgs)

Very sweet, very simple and very do-able for just about everyone. Inspirational, all thanks to Corvus.

I've added Corvus' Miniatures to the WFB Allies blogroll so you'll see his updates here and on the Battle Reporter blog. If you want your blog added just leave a post somewhere here or on the Battle Reporter blog or Forum and I'll be in touch (you'll need to update it fairly regularly with good quality stuff to get added).

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