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Friday, 23 April 2010

Adding Terrain and Scenery to your Warhammer Miniatures

Send your fantasy army into battle in the proud knowledge that they look the part.

Modelling terrain and scenery into your units is not just for people entering the Golden Demon awards. You can add some real character to the units you take into battle and, hopefully, distract your opponent into making a tactical error while he wonders in admiration at your modelling imagination !

Below are a couple of great examples of how adding a little scenery to your army can make them feel like they belong to the army book you've just selected them from.

Vampire Counts

As you would expect, there shouldn't be much in the way of living things in the Vampire Counts domain. As you can see in the slideshow below, there aren't any living things (even the leaves are autumnal in colour). Dante has managed to capture a dead look without loss of colour so the miniatures still draw your eye.

Check out how much the gates the Dire Wolves are leaping over and fence the Black Coach is racing past add to the "feel" of the units and yet do not detract from their gaming utility (that is, the scenery doesn't get in the way when you use them in battle).

High Elves - White Lions of Chrace

Kiwi had the inspiration for this unit and it was quite a bold move. I've certainly not seen wooded terrain added before to a unit destined for the tabletop but he's done a really excellent job and pulled it off very nicely.

The trees appear to be positioned to the back left of the miniatures in most instances. This ensures they do not totally obscure the view of the painting. It's nice to see some variation though and the left had most model has a tree to the front of it's base which makes the unit appear as though it's actually on the edge of a wood.

I'm thinking that they're waiting in position to receive a charge from a very fool hardy chariot :D  A very original and very well executed idea. When you fight against this unit you know they are White Lions !

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