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Monday, 9 August 2010

Fantasy Painting Masterclass - Dark Elves (Druchii)

Amazing Dark Elf fantasy miniature sculpt and masterful artwork from JMPN

I found another amazing paint brush magician on coolminiornot, his nickname is JMPN (Jose) and he is one hell of a painter (in fact, he rates 5th on cool mini !!!).

Jose has very kindly granted me permission to show off some of his awesome modelling and brushwork skills. He's working on a new website right now so I cannot share a link with you (until it's finished) but you can find him on coolminiornot if you'd like to tell him how great his work is.

To start with, I chose one of his most highly rated miniatures to share with you, a Dark Elf Lord. This miniature is so good it almost looks like a computer generated image for a film. Actually, it looks better than that and I'd love to see it in combat with it's High Elf counterpart.

The miniature is 54mm scale and a lot more "life-like" for it. I guess it's not completely fair to compare it with Warhammer miniatures which are all (in the modern era) 28mm (in the old 1980's era 25mm) but when you check out the pics you'll see why I was keen to post them here.

A Dark Elf General on Cold One

Let's get straight to the point, this model is utterly brilliant. The scale comparison between mounted and mount, the elf's posture and the realistic "feel" make this miniature next to perfect. On top of that the incredible painting, colour selection, textures, armour, shading and attention to detail (check out the snow on the cloak and the saliva dripping from the Cold One's lower jaw) make this one of the best miniatures I have ever seen (the base alone is outstanding !)

Enough said, just enjoy the pics. This model rates as 10/10 without a doubt in my mind.

I'd like to show more pics but these are all there are (click on them for a close up).

Apparently, this miniature now belongs to a private collector. Here's what Jose has to say about it:-

"One of the idea for this character it's the diferent's materials. For me, the elves are magical creatures, so I try to represent different materials in weapons and armor, looking for a combination of metals (sword, ornaments ...) and magical stone (obsidian, etc ...) to the armor.

This figure has win diferents awards, including Best of show and best of painter, but probably the greatest award was able to make more time with this work and enjoy this great work."

If the private collector brought this along to a Warhammer battle I would have to let him use it (as my miniatures cringed in badly painted self-conscious embarrassment !). Let's face it, this could be Malekith on a very angry giant Cold One or Carnosaur (strength 7, toughness 7 with 7 attacks !).

Although, if my opponent didn't cost the unit at well over 1,000 points I wouldn't be inviting him back for another game - unless he was prepared to play "winners takes all miniatures" :D

This miniature is named Varathar and is from Andrea Miniatures, a very top notch fantasy miniature outfit.


  1. I am very much wondering, if this model is scaled correctly for use in Games Workshop armies?

  2. Hi, it's 54mm scale, so it's not Warhammer scale.