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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Improve your Army's discipline and boost their leadership with paint !

Turn your miniatures into disciplined, hardened regiments, pictures of fearsome determination and authority to strike fear into your enemy's hearts.

Ok, you can't really boost their leadership with paint but you can certainly make them look more resolute and organised on the battlefield by applying a consistent colour scheme.

When I say consistent, I don't mean simply painting all your models the same colours. That would be extremely dull and make them look a bit silly, we're not talking about toy soldiers here !

What I'm talking about is choosing one or two colours to add to most or all of your miniatures. Something that makes the units look unified and a colour that defines your army as a whole.

Obviously, this is a totally rubbish idea if you want your army to look like a disorganized rabble (I'm thinking about Beastmen) or an other-wordly maelstrom of chaos (ie Daemons). It does however work very nicely with regimented armies like Dwarfs, Chaos Warriors, Dark Elves, High Elves and The Empire.

I have chosen some of the evilcartoonist's models to demonstrate what I mean. Check out how he has used red and white colours in nearly all of his miniatures to give them a coherent army look.

Check out Evilcartoonists awesome custom built Empire Warhammer Warship / Galley

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