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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Motivating yourself to convert and paint your Fantasy Battle Miniatures

Starting a Warhammer hobby blog can be a great way to keep you motivated.

The best Fantasy Battle content on the internet is undoubtedly in the Warhammer Blogosphere. That's because the blogs are created by people who have so much passion to share.

If your modelling and painting is withering under a motivational drought then why not start a blog to share your creations with the Warhammer world ?

Three reasons to do it:-

1) It will keep you motivated.

Painting and modelling blogs are really popular. I guess it's because people simply love looking at cool miniature pics and imaginative fantasy creations. The Wargamer community is, in my experience, a very friendly one (I suppose we're all geeks together !) and people are happy to applaud your efforts and share their thoughts and ideas with you.

2) People will become followers.

Once you capture people's interest they will visit again and you often find a nice rapport developing. Lots of bloggers share their sites with one another and encourage each others projects.

3) It's a piece of cake !

just get a gmail account and use google's blogger - it's free !

An example of a superb Warhammer Army project, perfect for blogging !

Anyway, without further ado, below are pics from a site I stumbled upon the other day. It's by a guy called Philfy, from New Zealand. He's a talented modeler and clearly very creative because he has converted Lizardmen units into a very original looking Daemons of Chaos army. As you will see he's also a very good painter.

Philfy has written a diary of his progress from start to finish. It includes all sorts of info which he delivers in a really friendly and relaxed way. Philfy is basically sharing his project with the world and it makes for an inspiring read.

Here's a very brief summary of some of the conversion work:-

Bloodthirster - a carnosaur with wings. Herald of Tzeentch - a converted Slann Mage Priest. Flesh Hounds of Khorne - include a couple of salamander bodies. Horrors of Tzeentch - skink heads and a variety of weapons. Chaos Furies - skink heads, harpy wings and horrors of Tzeentch arms.

The unit bases are also very impressive, they perfectly mix the Lizardmen / Daemonic theme.

You can read all about the projects's trials and tribulations under the "Daemons" label on Philfy's blog which is called "Warhammer NZ" and has been added to this site's blogroll. 

Fleshhounds of Khorne

Daemonettes of Slaanesh

Bloodletters of Khorne

Horrors of Tzeentch



Images used with Philfy's kind permission. Many thanks.


  1. Thanks for the write-up Sigmar, hope people enjoy.
    Looking to post up "completed" photos in a couple of weeks after a 1500pt tournament here.
    Although is an army full of conversions ever "complete"?

  2. You're very welcome Philfy, thanks for sharing your great conversions with us.

    If you get some more photos let me know and I'll update this post.

    Best of luck with the tournament,