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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Monstrous Mounts and then some !

Games Workshop certainly did a decent job encouraging the use of Monster Mounts in the 8th edition Fantasy Battle rules. In case you missed it... Monster Mounts (those which are large targets) now provide an army general with an Inspiring Presence range of 18 inches (i.e. his sphere of influence for leadership tests).

Now, check out these custom made monster mounts (I found them quite inspiring so thought I'd share with you),  an Airfix converted Triceratops kit model and a Kislevite War Mammoth Steam Tank !!

I think they're imaginative and very cool. Just make sure your opponent is happy to let you use yours once you've constructed it and made up a suitably hard profile profile for it (i.e. toughness 8 to 10)

So, without further ado...

The first miniature is from the Santa Cruz Warhammer blog (here for more pics) and was posted many moons ago (back in Nov 2007 - so apologies to anyone who's seen the miniature before).

Warhammer monster conversion

Fantasy Battle Monster

And here are some of the steps that were involved....(I know it's more 40K than Fantasy but just swap the cannon for an older fashioned version and it's suddenly an awesome Fantasy Battle conversion).

Airfix Triceratops

The Mammoth Steam Tank below is from a more obscure blog called "Game Classy" ( Sadly, the blog hasn't actually been updated since March 2010 so I guess it's probably out of production but (note: there are some other Kislev miniature pics there that some people might find interesting).

Converted War Mammoth model

I love the scratch built howdah which looks like it could house a few miniatures and also the snow effect looks pretty cool. The best bit though must be the very thematic Kislevite dome (and mammoth's "helmet")which is frankly very odd looking but perfect for the army in question.

My only reservation, I think I would replace the "rope" reins with a cheap jewelery chain attached to the ears (just like in the Lord of the Rings film).

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  1. It's actually a Revell Styracosaurus, itself a rerelease of the Aurora Styracosaurus.