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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Painting Chaos miniatures - to boldly go...where ever you please !

The Daemon army might not be as all conquering in the 8th edition of Warhammer as it was in the 7th but there's still one big reason to continue to envy a Daemons of Chaos player and indeed, to some extent, Warriors of Chaos generals...

They can paint and even construct many of their miniatures any which way they choose. With daemons, every paint pot can be used, no colours are out of bounds (imagine painting your Dwarf Hammerers pink !). Similarly with Warriors of Chaos characters although you probably have a little less scope with the rank and file who would also look a bit silly dressed in pink !

Here are a few examples to inspire...

The New Daemon Prince (released July 2010) painted and constructed by Dims (website: Dims painted this new mini at the request of his local GW hobby shop staff.

Check out the very original mottled effect wings and the variety of colours. It's all very pleasing to the eye and, Dims tells me, very enjoyable to paint.

You can contact Dims through the Battle Reporter forum or via Facebook (Pascal Rooze). He does commission work if you're interested.

The next example is from Alexi_Z's live journal ( Alexi has won numerous painting awards and is very highly rated on (13th top artist out of thousands !).  Alexi has also just started selling her own DVD painting guide which you can find on her site or

Khorne troops tend to be red, Nurgle green and brown, Tzeentch blue and pink and Slaanesh... actually there doesn't seem to be a general Slaanesh colour. However, I would argue that because they are from the realm of ultimate Chaos where there is little semblance of order then you can paint your Chaos miniatures any colour you choose.

And finally, some colourful examples from Chest of Colors just to give you some more examples of the striking look and feel you can aim for when painting Chaos miniatures. I wonder how many people select their fantasy battle army based on which models they will get to paint ?  After all, these models must be more fun to paint than hordes of gobbos, skaven or zombies that you have to remove from the battlefield in handfuls !

Note: there are a lot more pictures of these miniatures (and at a higher resolution) on the Chest of Colors website.

This last miniature has to rank highly in my all time favourites. It's not actually by Citadel / Games Workshop, it's a 28mm scale Hordes miniature (I believe Hordes is a PrivateerPress game). It's a superb model and has been given a superb paint job to match by Ana. They should really use this miniature pic in their advertising, it's better than the one on the official hordes site !

All miniature pictures have been used with the kind permission of Dims (Pascal Rooze), Alexi_Z and Ana & Mahon from Chest of Colors.

I would like to point out that I'm in no way associated with the painters (except for Dims being a member of the Battle Reporter forum which I administer) and I don't receive a commission or anything like that for showing off their miniatures, I just think they're great and thought you might think so too.


  1. Do you know what colors were used in painting of the Daemon Prince?

  2. Hi Megan, I'm sorry I don't know. The miniature was painted by Pascal Rooze (his member name is Dims on the battle reporter forum :-

    Join up and try messaging him.


  3. Hi there

    What model is the two headed dragon on the rock?

    Many thanks


  4. Hi sjk, I'm not sure. When I first saw it I thought it might be a Forgeworld model but I'm not certain and cannot access the GW or Forgeworld site from work to try to hunt the miniature down.

    Try asking Ana on the Chest of Colors forum (link above), Ana is the painter.

  5. it is a kit bash of two High Elf Dragon Games-workshop kits