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Saturday, 13 November 2010

Original fantasy miniatures EXTREME

If you can find more original and unique miniatures than those on offer by Eureka miniatures then please let me know.

frog mounted warrior
I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across the Eureka miniatures website and I had a good old chuckle to myself while browsing some of their more unusual models.

I'd like to point out that I'm in no way connected to Eurekha. I'm just sharing this site with you because it's got so many crazy miniatures and I'm spreading the war gaming, mini collecting love :)

Before we proceed I should probably also tell you that this site is about more than weird and wonderful miniatures. They also sell hard core war gaming miniatures such as Napoleonic, Ancients, Medieval, World Wars I & II and many other genres.  Well worth checking out :-

Eurekha miniatures

It is the Frog Warriors that really "tickled my fancy", check these out:-

Starting with the, errr... Frog Cannon ?! Ribbit.

amazing fantasy minis

The Turtle Tank !

(honestly, these sculptors must have had such a good laugh putting this army together - this is what fantasy gaming should be all about ! I love it.)

amazing fantasy minis

Frog Mallet Warriors - hehehe - fantastic :)

amazing fantasy minis

Terrapin Rifile Unit (lol) - I have to tell you I'm really enjoying posting this. If these miniatures have a Game System connected to them then I'm checking it out.  I don't know if I can resist buying some of these critters !

amazing fantasy minis

This has to be my favourite, a frog king palanquin (or Frog Litter as it's officially named). Check out the standard bearer, the almost happy looking froggy smiles and their frog march postures - awesome.

amazing fantasy minis

There's so much attention to detail in the design that make these warrior fellas really, really froggy and, ironically, quite innocent (or bemused) looking. Warrior frogs without attitude ! See the pikes below for an  example of the love that's gone into these minis. It would have been so easy to give them the standard type of pike but these guys went the whole 9 lily pads and gave them bamboo poles.

amazing fantasy minis

If you're interested in collecting a few of these fellas or even a whole army you can find...

... all the Frogmen here.

Before I leave you...  some of the other wacky models they sell:- Gorillas with Guns and Teddy Bear Pirates !

amazing fantasy minis

Imagine taking out a Chaos Blood Thirster with the guys below !

amazing fantasy minis

Images are © Eureka Miniatures and have been used with permission. All rights reserved by Eureka.


  1. Nice! Thanks for bringing these to my attention!

  2. Are you planning to dip your webbed foot into the froggy world of gaming MaX ?