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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Warhammer Podcasts while you Paint

Music (are there any Warhammer bands !?), TV (LoTR films maybe ?) or real-life Warhammer  Podcasts ? (or maybe even better, painting with your mates !)

I always used to try to watch TV while I painted, or sometimes listen to the radio. Strangely, this resulted in some kind of weird memory association so I can pick up a very old Lizardman (way before Saurus days, when they were more like walking crocodiles) and I can vaguely recall watching, wait for it... Godzilla in black and white (yes, I'm that old and was a poor car washing, carol singing O'level student !)

Going further back, I can even recall Pickwick Tales (or whatever it's called) which my Dad was listening to while painting the hallway and I was sort of listening to while I stuck together a few 1/35th scale Tamiya German Wehrmacht. Before that it was Airfix Spitfires, Hurricanes and Messerschmitt Bf 109s while listening to the likes of Bing Crosby (my parents' choice not mine !).

Anyway, this post is about what you can do while painting, other than dipping your brush in the yogurt pot of water - and squeezing the water out of the brush using the edge of the curtains ;)

I reckon Podcasts are quite a good bet and here are a few of the ones I've listened to myself or stumbled across on other podcast sites. They are mainly Warhammer Fantasy related and they have their own personalities, some a bit more "in your face" than others, but fast forward to the good stuff (ie past the advertising) and you'll usually find some cool Warhammer Fantasy tactical discussions.

Here are a few of them (click image to open the podcast website in a new window) :-

and much as I hate doing this (I'm not a 40k fan !) here's one for gamers from "The Dark Side" ....

BTW, if you're wondering why I'm posting this on a Miniatures Gallery it's because this site is all about modeling and painting inspiration and whatever helps is good as far as I'm concerned. Note: the podcasts are not listed in an order of importance, I've listened to various episodes but not all so you'll have to decide for yourselves which you like most.  I hope you find some inspiration from them, Sigmar.

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