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Sunday, 6 June 2010

An incredible Fantasy Building project - from a Warhammer Gamer / Painter

Check out Bag End in all it's glory from Maddie Chambers. A lady who honed her modeling and painting skills as a Fantasy Battle gamer !  

I'm not certain of the scale, it's a lot bigger than our beloved 28mm Warhammer but take a look at the attention to detail and the pure skill that went into this model ! Simply amazing.

For loads more pics and a project overview from Maddie :-

You can also leave comments on here site above if you want to show your appreciation.

PS. I know this isn't strictly Warhammer but it's inspiring modeling !

"The rug took me a LONG time to do.  I looked everywhere for one similar to the one in the movie but couldn’t find one I was happy with so in the end I used good old Microsoft Paint and drew the design myself from the rug in the movie! then printed it onto cotton and sewed the rest of the rug." MC.

Last but not least... a miniature hobbit pantry stuffed to the rafters !

"The pantry – I installed shelves and filled full of food – I made all the food in here from Fimo." MC

"I based some on the movie, some on the book and some on my imagination. The food in the kitchen and pantry includes everything mentioned in The Hobbit when the dwarves and Gandalf come to visit: beer, cakes, tea, seed cake, coffee, porter, scones, red wine, raspberry jame, apple tart, mince pies, cheese, pork pie salad, eggs, cold chicken, pickles and ham. (anything you can’t see on the shelves is in the little store cupboard behind glass doors or in drawers – couldn’t fit everything on the shelves)." 

That's what I mean by attention to detail !

Images owned by Maddie Chambers and used without permission. All rights reserved by Maddie Chambers.