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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Amazing Fantasy Diorama - Pirate Cove !

I stumbled across this tour-de-force in modeling, painting and diorama design on
Facebook (by Michel Zeller) last night.

Thankfully Michel was kind enough to grant me permission to showcase some of his superb miniature and modeling photos from his website.

expertly painted pirate miniature
Before I go on I should first of all apologize for the lack of posts here recently (you can skip the next paragraphs in italics if you're not interested !)

I treat this blog a bit differently to my others, I just post here when I see or read something inspiring, I don't post like an automaton - I kind of need to feel "in the mood". For anyone interested here's how I treat my other blogs:-

I always post news esp. Games Workshop news that I think readers will be interested in on the Battle Reporter blog and anything related to fantasy gaming like new models / miniatures, scenery and related fantasy games and Fantasy Battle fan projects.

I post Battle Reports as often as I can raise the motivation to do it (or feel like reading a new one). It's not always easy finding new and good reports and it's quite an effort to copy them across to the 7th edition and 8th edition Warhammer battle report blogs.

Regarding my Nautican Army blogs well, err... don't ask and I won't lie to you :) I've been a bit lacking in inspiration although I do still plan to update the current list to 8th edition rules and I have some photos of new miniatures to share on the army design notes site. I'm not sure when I'll do this, probably after my next Nautican battle which always gets me a bit more "pysched" up about the army - just add yourself to the followers and you'll see the updates as they come in.

Anyway, back to this awesome Pirate diorama... I love it !

I should quickly say that I have no commercial connection with Michel (although he is a Facebook friend). I'm not advertising his site for him for any reward I just think it's well worth a visit if you're interested in diorama modeling because he has stacks and stacks of photos there showing dioramas that he's selling and how he went about constructing them. Michel works with various scale models and it's not all fantasy related, there are also Ancients and WWII dioramas and some of them are awesome !

I'll let the pics below speak for themselves, except...

...check out the arrangement of miniatures in relation to one another, the action - it really looks like a story is being played out - the fantastic attention to detail in the terrain (the waves are superb), the miniatures and the paint colour selection. Truly brilliant. You can find more finished diorama and "work in progress" pics here.

(click to greatly enlarge the pics in a new window)
Pirate Miniature Model Diorama picture

Pirate Miniature Model Diorama picture

Pirate Miniature Model Diorama picture

Pirate Miniature Model Diorama picture

Pirate Miniature Model Diorama picture

Pirate Miniature Model Diorama picture

Photos used with Michel Zeller's permission. Thanks very much Michel.

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