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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Painting "Fantasy Quality" Miniatures

Study other people's Warhammer Battle models to help you paint "Fantasy" into your minis.

I have had real trouble in the past injecting that elusive Fantasy feel into my miniatures. Some miniatures make it a lot easier than others because they already look the part but I have struggled in the past to make some of my models really look like they occupy the Warhammer world. My minis tend to come out looking somewhat rough and errr... ruddy. It's not always easy to emphasize the detail or make them look fantastical and, for want of a better word, "real".

I stumbled across Alexi's miniatures a couple of weeks ago and she has kindly granted me permission to display some of her awesome pics in my gallery blog. Alexi ranks as the 13th best Fantasy Miniature Artist on coolminiornot (Alexi_Z) out of thousands of painters and you will see why below.

Alexi's ability at making models look like they really exist in a fantasy world is second to none. Her vibrant colouring, shading, lighting and freehand skills are virtually peerless and she is one of the finest miniature painters in the world. Her metal work is particularly impressive, check out the High Elf Dragon Princes and Caradryan.

Here are some examples that show off Alexi's skill at turning fantasy into reality.

High Elf miniatures Masterclass
(I'm using these pictures for painting inspiration, I hope they inspire you too).

  finally, with the perfect musical backing (if you turn your volume on)...

More of Alexi's miniatures to come in future posts, involving fire and lava effects, bringing the magic to life in sorcerers and other "wizards" and the most realistically painted WFB miniature I have ever seen.


  1. All well and good, however we are doomed to fall short of her exceptional quality if we have no idea *HOW* she achieved these results. She should post some videos with tricks and techniques so us less-talented painters can strive to better ourselves.

  2. Thanks for the comment Anon. I believe Alexi_Z does sell DVDs of her techniques if you're interested. Just search for Alexi_Z DVD and you'll find them.