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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Warhammer Fantasy Buildings, Terrain and Scenery Models - thinking BIG with your modelling projects

Massive Warhammer Battle projects can be scary but taking a modular approach can help you out.

Don't be deterred from taking on those big Fantasy model building and painting projects. The way you approach the project is key to the outcome and your enjoyment along the way.

Ok, first of all I'm going to show you some incredible buildings, one is for use in Mordheim and the other is a High Elf Sea Port diorama in Lord of the Rings style. I'm including the pics just to show you what is possible and hopefully to provide you with some inspiration.

First of all, it's important to realise that the examples below were created by extremely skillful modellers and will only have been possible after a lot of practice and experience (during which I'm sure they made many mistakes !)

Taking a step-by-step approach to model building.

I am no expert at project management or modelling but I think the best approach to large projects is to make an overall plan and then break it up into small manageable mini-projects. You can then give yourself a pat on the back when you complete each part and it will seem like an achievement in it's own right.

Obviously, this will be easier where building or scenery can be constructed as stand alone parts and added together at a later date to complete the overall model. The Mordheim city below is a good example of modular, interchangeable scenery.

Personally, when I have a large project on the go I try not to get myself tied up in knots on the difficult parts. I do the easy bits first because successfully completing them encourages me to take on the next bits. If you get stuck, leave that part of the project and move onto another part.

Last but not least, always focus on the end result you're trying to achieve and how pleased you will be to show it off to your fellow gamers. Don't waste your energy dwelling about the amount of work involved or the problems you are currently facing.

Good luck folks, I hope this has provided you with some inspiration.

High Elf Sea Port

Truly awesome Elven themed buildings and scenery make up this extremely impressive Sea Port.

It's more of an eye popping diorama rather than battlefield scenery, although I guess you could use it for role playing or small skirmishes.

© 2009 by Frank Becker, Frank Bauer, Flint, M. Immig, J. Westedt. Images used without permission. All rights reserved by above owners.

For more photos here:- (Dioramas)

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Mordheim Modular Cityscape Gaming Board

This looks more like a genuine gaming board than a diorama although you could probably spend a long time just admiring the attention to detail (check out the cobwebs in the slideshow - perfection).

© 2010 by Frank Becker, Frank Picolin, Flint, Dirk Kurewitz, Ronald Bankert, Stade-Fantasy. Images used without permission. All rights reserved by above owners.

For more photos here:- (Mortheim)

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  1. Absolutely AWSOME!

    I am in the process of building the BIG Warhammer Fantasy set with all three building set! It will be the largest project I have ever undertaken.

    Seeing these photos are truly inspirational thanks you for sharing theme