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Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Best of the Best Fantasy Miniature Painters ! (telling tales).

A truly magnificent miniature painting and modeling masterclass.

This is another post in my expert series which follows some of the finest Warhammer Fantasy miniature painters on the planet.

All of the below images are from Ana the owner of the Chest of Colors website and have been used with permission (all rights reserved by Chest of Colors)

The site's catch phrase "painting your imagination" is quite apt because what you will find below are not only inspirational examples of fantastic painting and modeling but a rarely paralleled attention to imaginative detail and, in my opinion, story telling.

Ana, is clearly one of the finest modeler / painters in the world and she ranks in the top 20 out of thousands of miniature painters on coolminiornot and has been awarded several Golden Demon awards, including gold !

Note: check out the Warhammer Fantasy Battle gallery at Chest of Colors for higher resolution pictures.

Chest of Colors boasts thousands of miniature pics, a forum, blogs, mini auctions and tutorials. You can find Ana's miniatures on eBay by performing an advanced search by seller id "chestofcolors". 
Ana will paint for commission and can be contacted through

first up... a Golden Demon award winner ! (GW Poland - Gold in Monster category)

The more I look at this miniature the more I wonder at the scene. This diorama certainly tells a tale, it's not just a miniature, it's a story. Check out the daemonic looking dog - named "dog fish" :) swimming in the frozen waters. Now check out the Rhinox, it looks like it's sniffing at the ground... can it sense something below ? The "dog" maybe or is something else bothering the Rhinox ?

This Ogre is clearly a veteran of many fights, check out the bretonnian banner he's using as a saddle cloth. The shields strapped to his mount and his shoulder suggest he's seen off Empire, Dwarfs and maybe Skaven, it looks like he's managed to amass a fairly large sack of booty too, or is it full of human body-part snacks !?

The ogre looks pretty aggressive with his raised blade so I'm guessing he's psyching himself up for a fight. But who's he fighting and where are they. Why are they "risking it" on the ice, why is there a "dog-fish" moving in concert ?  Does the "dog" know something the rider doesn't ?

The gnoblar clinging to the Ogres's patchwork shirt looks a bit manic (or maybe he's nervous !), is he urging the Ogre onwards, or trying to warn him about something to the Ogre's right, while the Ogre is looking to his left.

Check out the drips of water on the wooden base from the melting ice. This diorama feels almost alive. Now read this....

"The inscription says 'And whoever stands here he will die, because it's curs....'  The end is intentionally washed off by the pool of water leaking from the crack on the back of the base."  (Ana)

Now that's what I call using your imagination !

I'll be posting my thoughts on some more of Ana's wonderful miniature modeling; you will find them all under the ** Extreme Masterclass ** label in this blog. Thanks again to Ana and Mahon for kindly allowing me to share their images with my readers.


  1. Oh thanks for sharing this and for such positive and appreciative post about it :)

    Do you happen to be familiar with the article about painting this model? Ana wrote it for the Game Forces magazine and its English version will be published on our website too. So stay tuned for it.

    Keep up the great work here!

    Chest of Colors: All About Miniature Painting

  2. Hi Mahon,

    No I haven't seen the article, I'll keep an eye out for it. If you remember, please let me know when it's online.

    All the best,

  3. it´s wonderfull and the orge is so alive.
    i belive his trying to get ver the ice cuase it´s a tavern over there