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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Presenting Beautiful Battlefields !

Making a great Warhammer Fantasy Battle wargaming table your aspiration.

If you need it, here's some inspiration for you...(click to enlarge all images in a new window)

From the Plastic Legions blog (my personal favourite Games Workshop related blog. It's owned by John, a passionate, smart and interesting gamer. Great pics, opinion, news and superb battle reports). A very popular blog and recommended - he's on my blogroll.

The Jungle ruined castle style Wargames Board was made by Rich and it's John's Realm of Battle board...

Obviously this scenery is not totally practical for a Warhammer Fantasy Battle with massed ranks of troops but that's not the point, the idea is to show you what can be done.

Another board I find quite inspiring that I stumbled across on the internet. I quite like the idea of adding roads to a Fantasy Battle. They could also be used in victory conditions or you could even introduce a custom rule to take the importance and tactical advantage of a road into account, eg. march moves at +1".

pic from flickr: JHG Hendriks' photostream

And something a little more practical...

Note the low hills and gentle inclines which your miniatures should be able to stand up on ! Don't forget this when making hills :) Also, the roads and rivers are in generic removable sections so they can be postioned differently for every game - something else worth remembering ;-)

pic: I think I found this on flickr (sorry I forgot to save the link)

If you develop a passion for modelling terrain, scenery and war game boards and you have a spare lifetime then try something like this...

pic from: (used without permission all rights reserved by the owner)

And, if you really need want a challenge try beating what is supposed to be the biggest wargaming board ever...

I believe this is almost 30' x 30' so about 900sq feet - 37 times bigger than the average gaming board !

Images used without permission, all right reserved by the owners.